New WordPress calendar plugin

I needed a small and nice hassle-free calendar plugin which can show only some dates without a databases backend. I couldn’t find an appropriate plugin that fit my needs. So I decided to write the easy-calendar plugin.

This plugin uses the jquery-ui datepicker to show specific dates. The dates are read from a standard ini file.
Each line has a name = “value” pair where name is the date without leading zeros and the value is the description.

To put your dates you only have to edit the file feiertage.ini.php directly from the Worpress Plugins menu.

Download the plugin here


Can I change the calendar theme?

Basically yes. You have to go jqueryui themeroller, select your theme and install it manualy into the css folder.

Are there some Settings?
No. You only have to edit the feiertage.ini.php file