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Nov 24

New: WP-banner plugin 2.0

Image1: Text editor integration

With this version comes full Visual and Text editor integration. This helps you to integrate a wp-banner very easy in your post by selecting the banner from the drop down menu. After a banner is selected the plugin adds a shortcode into your post. Image1 is showing the Text editor integration: Image2 is showing the …

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Oct 03

WP-Banner version 1.1.0 available

A new version of the wordpress plugin wp-banner is available! Besides some small bugfixes with this version comes language support for german and czech. Some user requested a banner rotation also in a widget. This is functionality is also available now. Download here.

Nov 12

WP-Banner NG

Finally there is a new version of the WordPress plugin wp-banner available. With this version the plugin took a big step forward to established WordPress usability standards. To reach this ambitious goal this plugin is mainly rewritten to use jQuery and jQuery-UI. To illustrate the alteration, the version number made also a big jump from …

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Dec 25

Put your ad into a widget

I must admit, that the widget functionality of the wp-banner plugin works slightly different from other WP-widgets. And after some guys mentioned that the wp-banner plugin using as a widget isn’t self-explanatory I will give you here a short howto. Before you can put your advert into a widget, you have to make all the …

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Mar 23

WP-banner plugin update

This new version is widgetized. So now its possible to put banner ads into a widget and/or into a DIV. This means now you are able to include more than one advertise banner in your wp-blog. To place the banner into a widget you have to choose the widget option at Position in banner admin …

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Dec 17

New wp-banner version

This version supports a better banner positioning method. To put the banner to the postion wanted you need a correct css-theme and an actual wp-version ! Keep in mind that the banner-div is placed as first child of a parent element. A parent element can be a tagname e.g. “body”, a classname or an element …

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Sep 02

New WP-Banner Plugin

Hi again,running your own webserver costs a lot of money. So it would be nice if one could unwind the monthly costs with a little income from banner advertisement. Since I was using WordPress for my site I was looking for a banner administration tool, which fits my needs. Searching the web at the appropriate …

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