bibuweb is back

Hi all,

after a heavy server crash I needed some time to reconfigure this site.

Unfortunately some information I posted before were lost and I had no chance to get it back (only one that I found in Goggles cache).


New WP-Banner Plugin

Hi again,running your own webserver costs a lot of money. So it would be nice if one could unwind the monthly costs with a little income from banner advertisement.

Since I was using WordPress for my site I was looking for a banner administration tool, which fits my needs. Searching the web at the appropriate sites (i.e. | net) I didn’t found what I’m looking for.
But I remembered that the e107 cms had a good banner administration tool, which I’m still using on my site So I decided to adapt this tool to WordPress.

Very important for me is that I can manage banners from different affiliate programs. This programs normaly are counting the hits and views directly so that they offers you two URLs one for the banner it self and one URL for the clicks. The original e107 tool doesn’t support this feature and in addition it has some features more that I didn’t need, so I had to rewrite the complete code.

Ok, if your are curious now. You can download it here