WP-banner plugin update

This new version is widgetized. So now its possible to put banner ads into a widget and/or into a DIV. This means now you are able to include more than one advertise banner in your wp-blog.

To place the banner into a widget you have to choose the widget option at Position in banner admin menu. If divTag is elected, the banner position is to define as described in this post.

Please keep in mind, that if you put an advertisement into a widget, that you have to check that the banner have a corresponding dimension. If not, you may destroy your theme layout. You can adjust the banner to your theme by changing the styles in /styles/default.css.

The install process also is improved. Only unpack the plugin into the plugin directory and activate it, done. 🙂 To make an update, deactivate the old version first.

After an update you may change the Position option in the admin menu. The default option is divTag, so after an update everything may work as designed 😉

Download it here.